Weekend in Milano


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A gray weekend in Milano. The low-hanging clouds heavy with rain and a chill that cut through your clothes. Utterly beautiful. IMG_3551



1. The Duomo | 2. Details on the Duomo | 3. Snacktime | 4. Balcony | 5. Columns outside of San Lorenzo | 6. Books to Read | 7. Graffiti and Art in Porta Ticinese




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Yesterday, I headed up to Perugia for EuroChocolate, an annual festival that showcases products from chocolate producers all across Italy and the rest of Europe as well. The festival lasts for a full week, I believe.

Not quite as magical an experience I was hoping for. (Too crowded.) But, after ten months of living in Italy, I finally got to eat churros again. And, for that alone, it was quite worth it. : )

1. Chocolate barks, filled with dried fruits, hazelnuts, almonds, banana chips, and all other kinds of goodness. | 2. Brightly colored candies. | 3. Of course, a giant box of Bacis!

La Necropoli Etrusca, Cerveteri


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Yesterday’s early-fall warm weather led to a trip outside of Rome, to Cerveteri. Cerveteri, about an hour outside of the city, is home to la Necropoli della Banditaccia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here lie about 1,000 Etruscan tombs, mostly circular mounds carved into the Earth, several of which are quite well-preserved and visitors can enter. The tombs date from about the 9th century to the 3rd century BC.

Here are some images.