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I’ll take a break from uploading photos from the summer and, instead, share an adventure from the weekend.

Yesterday, I went with a group of friends to the medieval town of Sutri, which lies about an hour north of Rome, near Viterbo. The town is quaint enough with a charming center and a beautiful amphitheater surrounded by the perennially gorgeous countryside.

Our main reason for this outing, however, was not the history nor the landscape but, of course…the food! Over the past weekend in Sutri was the sagra del fagiolo. Sagre are one of the best things about Italy. Basically, almost every small town has their own sagra, a festival that lasts over the course of a weekend or two and celebrates a food product that’s typical of the area. There’s usually music and stands selling various knickknacks, but the main attraction is always the food, which is usually prepared in a variety of different ways. Apparently, beans are typical fare in Sutri and so we went to get our fill. Beans and cotiche (pork skin), beans and sausage, beans and pasta, beans and tomatoes, bean salad. Lots of beans. Delicious beans.

Anyway, here are a few photos of the day:

1. The main piazza. | 2. Fagioli con le cotiche. | 3. The amphitheater. | 4. Inside the public park.