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After a summer break, I’m back in Rome and armed with a ton of photos to share over the course of the next few weeks. I’ve spent the past few months traveling around Italy, mostly up to Emilia-Romagna to visit family, then down to Campania to visit a friend in Salerno, and finally a trip to Puglia at the very end of the summer.

Since my last post was about Romagna, I thought that I’d add a few photos of Forlì, one of the largest cities in the region. A pretty quiet city, it’s not very well-known, even amongst Italians. There’s not much to do there…and you can see in the first photo that the main piazza is empty…on a Friday night!

It’s no Rome or Milan, but I love it regardless.

1. Piazza Aurelio Saffi, at the center of the city. | 2. Hidden courtyard. | 3. Symbol of Mussolini, who was from the nearby village of Predappio.