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My family lives in the region of Emilia-Romagna, the Romagna part. They’re about a half hour outside of the city of Forli’ and are spread out between the piccoli paesi of Civitella di Romagna, Cusercoli, and Meldola, none of which are more than a 10 minute drive from the other.

As a kid, I lived and went to school in Philadelphia. But I spent a lot of time here too, in the summers. When I think of home, these are the two places that always come to mind. The places where, no matter how long I’ve been away or how much has changed, the people, sights, smells stay and linger. These are the places to which I will always return.

I recently took a trip up there to visit everyone and snapped this photo of the romagnolo countryside, just about a five minute drive from Cusercoli.