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Some Italians have a hilarious image of the American breakfast table. One that includes bacon, eggs, pancakes, and an enormous cup of Starbucks coffee all at the same time, every single morning. O signore mio!!! So unhealthy! So heavy!

Of course, while a breakfast like this is certainly not unheard of, it’s not something that the majority of Americans eat terribly often. And, if so, it’s generally a weekend-brunch event.

I would also like to add that the Italian breakfast is not in itself the embodiment of a healthy meal.

I present you my evidence.

See that???? That’s a maritozzo, a staple of the Roman bar. A glazed brioche the size of my hand, bursting with fresh cream. Yep, that’s what I ate first thing this morning. And, yep, I can assure you that it was incredible.

Love you, Rome.