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My apartment here in Rome is like Rome in a lot of ways. Mostly in that it is barely functional, yet it is still quite expensive.

But, it’s not all bad. Sure– the apartment is tiny, the bed is uncomfortable, the broken glass on my bedroom door is thinly concealed with duct tape, the toilet seat is barely attached to the toilet, and turning the shower head on and opening the blinds require a strength that I just cannot muster. I do have a bidet, though.

Joking aside, it’s not so terrible. I do have two super sweet Italian roommates (both from Basilicata), and the neighborhood is decent enough. It’s not a pretty area (outside of the center, very little of this city is), but it’s near a university, so there are a lot of shops and traffic.

Also cool…

Yep. That weapon is the key to my apartment. It did take me a few days to master the seemingly simple feat of opening my door, though. (Something about jiggling and pulling and then pushing.)

Also nice…

Orange trees in my neighborhood!

It’s a bit of a funny story as to how I found this place. On my second day here, I had a job interview. During this interview, the school’s director asked where I was staying, to which I responded that I was looking for an apartment. Apparently, one of the instructors at the school was looking to move out of her current apartment so that she could live with her boyfriend. Two days later, I was moved in to said apartment.

In Italy, it’s never about what you know, but who you know.

Alla prossima!